Top 10 Long Skirts

If we speak about skirt, then we think of real woman's beauty. Today we are going to show you top 10 long skirts of this season. This essential part of every woman's wardrobe comes in variety of styles and lengths: knee-length to maxi. We would like to share with you a great compilation of feminine and statement designs, including: pleated, denim, wrap, striped, leather, sheer, floral, lace, metallic and grunge inspired skirts. You will find interesting combinations which feature lots of possible mixes and matches. The great thing about maxis is they can be worn all year long. Each piece looks comfortable, special, chic and bold. Next great thing about this design is the following: you can hide your legs if you afraid to show them. Let's browse this gallery and choose our favorites.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (1)

The first one is pleated version and it can be teamed with sweet sandals, floral blazers, cropped blouses or tees and retro sunglasses.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (2)

A denim material can be worn with jean tops or simple white button downs. As you can see jean skirt can be either wide, fitted and it can be done in patchwork.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (3)

Wrap design is made for casual use, it can be worn at the beach or lazy walking down the streets.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (4)

Stripes will make you positive.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (5)

Leather is for sophisticated women.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (6)

Sheer styles are made for feminine and sweet ladies.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (7)

Let the spring in your wardrobe and wear florals.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (8)

Lace is the same as sheer, while this fabric looks more grunge and sophisticated.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (9)

Metallics are for opulent women.

Top 10 Long Skirts 2014 (10)

Grunge can be worn with different style bottoms, from pleated to leather and sheer, the only thing which matters is the top styling, make it sophisticated and urban.

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