Transparent Eyeglass Frames For Men

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Today's topic will be men's transparent frames that fit all face shapes. We are about to share with you latest runway images which feature male models wearing in statement clear eyeglass frames. Before reviewing all the presented images below, I would like to share with you couple of ideas that might be in help for you, before you buy these modern and statement frames. The first thing is to select the specs that will suit your personality, try to think over your everyday wardrobe looks, as it's very important to make your new frames suit the clothes you are wearing in your daily life. The transparent specs can be done in various shapes and designs, as they may be squared that will lengthen your face, retro style that for sure will add some vintage-style cool to your desired look, or it can be modern look. Here below are presented this season most purchased models.

Circular transparent specs.

Here are presented male's cat-eyes.

A retro inspired

Ports 1961 Menswear show: male model appears on the catwalk wearing modern eyewear, a belted short trench coat, pleated cream white pants and gray flats.

They can be worn with white shirt and gray pantsuit in geometric print.

An evening-wear pantsuit styled with the same modern specs.

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  1. Charles says:

    I am surprised that you didn’t identify the make and model of these frames. I like the very first one, can you please clue me in on the make and model so I can find them?

  2. Edward says:

    Where do I buy these glasses?

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