Two Tone Pony Tail Hairstyles

Hello our lovely readers, today we are about to share with you this amazing hairstyle which has creative and individual look, as it has dual color. Yes, we are about to view those amazing two tone pony tails that look awesome and creative. Many of you watched Alexander Wang runway collection (it is fall 2013), where Wang showed us a modern lady, who appears in henna-treated dark brown wood strands that are implemented with a custom dyed ponytail extension. That's what we call a pop of color! Anyway, if you do not want to use a hair extension, then you can always ask your hairstylist to make an amazing dual color that will complement and underline your unique look.

Two Tone Pony Tail Hairstyles (1)

The modern world of beauty offers different color shades that can add a real fashionable touch which will make your hair look awesome. This dual color will make your ponytail look quite futuristic. If we speak about the possible styling of the ponytail, then you can make it look sleek by using super strong sculpting hair gels. Okay then, let's get some inspiration from the following images.

Two Tone Pony Tail Hairstyles (2)

Two Tone Pony Tail Hairstyles (3)

Two Tone Pony Tail Hairstyles (4)

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