Ushanka or Men’s Trapper Hats for Winter

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Now, let grab our attention to the bear trapper hats. This hat is also known as „Ushanka” ear hat (in Russian it means like: ushi- ears). Trooper or a trapper hat is a fur cap with ear flaps which can be tied up on the crown of the cap or tied at the chin (protecting your ears from the low temperatures). It’s a real alpha male looking item, which makes you stronger and looking like a real Siberian prisoner of war. Most of trapper hats are made of fur that’s why they give you a superior protection for your head. The bear trapper hats are considered to be unique and fun, while they are accepted as the mainstream accessory.

Here below you will find a great compilation of ushanka hats made in faux fur or real fur materials.

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  1. Jack says:

    Nice collection!
    Wondering where i can find Trapper Hat for Winter (5)?
    Thanks in advance

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