“Wall Street” Men’s Style: Gordon Gekko

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If it happened so, that you are a stockbroker working in a huge or a small company, who's in charge of arranging transactions between buyers and sellers, then you better look and dress professional. Well, we think every firm has a dress-code, which is usually quite formal look, but we recommend you to wear only those outfits, which really make you feel comfortable, as it's very important to concentrate on work while you are trading online. Anyway, we want to show you the best looks inspired by “Wall Street” movie and Gordon Gekko- ruthless and greedy corporate raider. Gekko's style is very masculine, elegant and classy. We really love his outfits, which make him look rich and powerful. Indeed, wearing these awesome clothing sets he made a young and impatient stockbroker to respect and fear him. Here are shown Polyvore combinations which for sure will inspire you:

Here we see wool, black pleated trousers styled with classic brogues and blue, contrast white collar shirt worn with elasticated suspenders. Love the following zig zag print tie.

When it's about your meetings with clients, then it's better to wear a formal suit with pocket handkerchief styled with striped long sleeve button-down, elegant purple spotty silk tie and worn with cap toe oxfords.

If it's all about working at home, then keep it relaxed, but elegant. Try on a crisp cotton shirt in blue, straight leg trousers in beige with slip on moccasins and luxe, leather strap watches.

When it's a hard work going on, then it's better to wear formal pants with four button waistcoat, woven dress shirt, leather shoes and dotted silk scarf.

If you are heading to a party, then try on wool blend suit, pinstripe shirt, classy tie and functional, easy to wear shoes.

If you are a new one, then it's better to try on navy pantsuit worn with a crispy white button-down and stylish tie.

Make it masculine with a plaid suit, which can be teamed with a striped business shirt, leather suitcase and dress shoes.

If you are already an experienced entrepreneur, then it's okay to wear relaxed, tailored pants with formal blazer, classic button-down and Wayfarer optical glasses.

Here we see another great option for traders who love to wear earth tone suits. That's an ideal everyday look.

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3 Responses to ““Wall Street” Men’s Style: Gordon Gekko”

  1. Pat says:

    The Tie on the First Picture (the one with the golden rolex) – which Tie is that? (Brand, Model)

    Thank you!

    I need this tie! 😀

  2. Don says:

    Please tell me which zig zag tie that is on the first picture. please!

  3. Chad says:

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