Wedge Sandals – Stylish Shoes For Women

Today we are about to share with you amazing shoe style which is still in fashion and keeps moving forward, as many designers offer new and awesome shapes. Of course it's the warm-weather pieces, that's why we all waiting for the sun light which will let us wear these gorgeous and practical shoes. These sandals are perfect for laid-back style. Most women wear them as daytime vibe. Вespite the fact that еhey have a single heel, their silhouette provides you more surface area to keep you grounded with each step and that's a great plus of these shoes. Wedges are perfect for those ladies who want to flash their legs in a dress or short skirt.

These shoes are perfect for casual and sweet look. They are great for walking stably without looking awkward or sacrificing your style, indeed it's a lot easier to walk in wedges either in high heels. Today's fashion includes various heights, colors, textures and embellishments, that's why our mission for today is to share with you only those styles that are going to rock the show next few years from now on.


Mules are the shoes that are in trend now. Most girls and women choose them because of the timeless look and possible styling ways. Most of them come in classic designs, but as you can see many of them come in stylish embellishments, like bows, crystals and sequins. Style them with voluminous skirts, tomboy relaxed top and wide-leg pants.

For a really impressive look try wearing them in a combination with cute pair of shorts, and summery long shirt.

Classic Wedge Sandals

Let's talk about classics, as they will never go out of style, no matter if some kind new trend is going to be in first place. They may come with leather straps, or cut out.

Espadrille Sandals

Espadrille Sandals - Wedge Sandals

This year many brands offer espadrilles in breathable materials, which makes your legs to feel comfort. These are real summer shoewear must-have which can be styled with breezy dresses, relaxed shirts and skinny jeans.

Wedge Slingbacks

These shoes are this year transcend seasonal trend, which makes any outfit look perfect for all-day wear. We personally felt in love with straps that make you look perfect. Style them with simple skirts.

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