What Jeans Are In Fashion

Today we are going to share with you best jeans which are going to be in fashion this year. We don't know if it's bad or good, but it looks like skinnies are out of style next year, as we see only some slim-fit models. We have taken these images from various resort collections lookbooks, that's why we highly recommend you to take a closer view at these bottom essentials, which for sure will update your spring wardrobe. If you are looking for inspiration, then we have some bright outfits and ideas of perfect combination for jeans and other apparel. So, the presented compilation includes ripped versions, wedge styles, track inspired, cuffed boyfriends, straight-legged, 1970's flare wide-leg options and baggy updates. All in all, here are eleven best pairs for you to wear next season:

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (1)

How about wearing baggy and wide-leg styles with statement buttons, which can be paired with floral shirt.

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (2)

For a modern urban flair we advice you to choose a statement leopard print fur jacket worn atop vibrant patent top and cuffed ripped jeans.

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (4)

Here we see slim-fit version with printed patches on the ankles, which are paired with a statement coat.

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

How about pairing red sweater with track pants inspired cuffed jeans in washed denim.

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (6)

Another simple, yet comfy cuffed boyfriends, which are perfect for casual weekends.

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (7)

Those of you who love wearing hippie inspired clothes, we recommend to choose the wide-leg ones, so you can pair them with some awesome ponchos.

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (8)

Here we see fitted boyfriends which are worn with suede booties and shapeless classic coat.

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (9)

Baggy version of boyfriends are teamed with white slip ons and basic black tee.

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (10)

Another version of a vintage inspired outfit, this time we see a boho inspired look, which features a suede poncho and straight wide denim trousers.

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (11)

The same wide style looks awesome with cropped and flared jacket.

What Jeans Are In Fashion 2015 (12)

If you are hippie hipster, then try on wearing circled plastic frames, washed (blue and white) cable knit sweater and wide-leg denim trousers.

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