What Shorts Should Women Wear Right Now

I am a big fan of shorts and today I am more than happy to share with you a complete street style collection of great shorts for women. You are about to see amazing denim cut-offs, printed styles, tailored must-tries, lovely leather bottoms, suede front buttoned, lace and other cool styles.

I think shorts can be considered to be one of the most versatile clothing staples in women's fashion. They can be easily styled during Summer months, as well as during cold Fall and Winter days, all you need is to add tight underneath. You are free to create formal or casual outfits by adding classic pumps or bright sneakers. I personally am a big fan of floral print shorts, but they are considered to be kind of outdated nowadays, and still, you can go for any other pattern, color, and fabric.

This summer we are free to choose whatever we want. Starting from sexy cut-offs to classic tailored or lace bottoms. In other words saying, there is a shorts outfit for any mood. Speaking of tops, then it's all about what is the weather like today. Somedays it can be quite cold in the summertime, so I recommend to go for lightweight knits, light layers, and functional footwear. If the weather is hot, then you can always go for Summer classics, like colored shorts, simple neutral colored graphic top and flat or mid heel shoes. If you want to underline your femininity and creativity, then I recommend going for patterned shorts that can be easily paired with classic neutral shirts or blouses. By the way, I almost forgot about leather shorts. Most of them come in black color, so I do recommend to complete them with edgy clothes, like a leather jacket, stylish trainers, or cool kicks. Be sure to give a try at least to one of these outfits.

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