What To Wear: Women’s Loafers

Believe it or not, but this borrowed-from-the-boys look is women's best-seller. It's no secret, that high heels are uncomfortable and impractical, that's why women tend to buy only those shoes that make their moves easier. Thankfully, designers and brands offer us amazing styles of loafers that vary from preppy suede tassel styles to chic detailed ones. You are about to find a cool selection of classic styles that are perfect for everyday wear.

Here are presented the best flat shoes that are in trend for this year, believe us, they will keep your toes happy. We think everyone will agree with us, that this style should be in every woman's wardrobe, as they can be worn for all occasions, including business lunches and weekends brunches. As you have already noticed, the presented loafers come in wide variety of colors, materials and prints. You can always team them with your favorite dress, skinnies, business attire, as well as with loose fitting trousers.

Women's Loafers (1)

Women's Loafers (2)

Women's Loafers (3)

Women's Loafers (4)

Women's Loafers (5)

Women's Loafers (6)

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