What Women Coats Are In Style

Once again, we want to say a big thanks to resort collections, as we have chance to see what women coats will be in style next year. It seems like designers and brands have a great focus on waterproof outerwear, trenches and tailored updates in various shapes and lengths. New season feels sporty and urban, while there are touches of elegant and luxe approach with high attention to details and play with modern features. We see colorful cover-ups with a great variety of styles, starting from street statement making to office and every day wear. Here are presented double-breasted designs, cozy peacoats, trenches, etc. We think every woman with the most discerning taste will definitely find here something special and favorite for herself. So, let's get inspired:

Women's Coats 2015 (1)

There is kind of a military touch in this coat thanks to the statement metallic buttons and structured silhouette. We love the silver mirrored flats in this look.

Women's Coats 2015 (2)

How about this pale blue double breasted version which is accessorized with retro inspired sunglasses and grey clutch bag.

Women's Coats 2015 (3)

How about distressed polka dot print on your slightly exaggerated outerwear.

Women's Coats 2015 (4)

That's an impressive trench, which has a perfect and modern silhouette.

Women's Coats 2015 (5)

As we have already mentioned an urban touch, then here is shown a statement two color outer garment with 1/2 sleeves, where the top has a golden hue and the bottom is made of white sheepskin. We love the knitted beanie and fitted white-grey sweatpants.

Women's Coats 2015 (6)

How about adding an athletic touch to your elegant outfit. Pair your office wear with a pale burgundy outerwear and cool running shoes.

Women's Coats 2015 (7)

Dark navy design looks elegant atop office style separates. While the sport touch is given thanks to the chunky accessories, fingerless gloves and running shoes.

Women's Coats 2015 (8)

How about fit at the waist coat in a monochrome graphic prints with blue florals at the bottom.

Women's Coats 2015 (9)

Graphics are the next season's trend and here we see a statement, mannish update which makes wearer more sophisticated. We see a monochrome black & white colors and blue buttons.

Women's Coats 2015 (10)

From the first sight, it looks like we see a burgundy jacket worn over the same color leather skirt, but if we take a detailed view, then we will see one piece outerwear.

Women's Coats 2015 (11)

For operas and theaters attendance we advice to try a streamlined and tailored styles which will ideally cover your special ensemble.

Women's Coats 2015 (12)

How bout an elongated blazer which is extremely versatile piece, as you can wear it in the streets and at work.

Women's Coats 2015 (13)

Here we see wrap and belted dark navy style worn with wide-leg white trousers.

Women's Coats 2015 (14)

The oversized shape makes the look more edgy.

Women's Coats 2015 (15)

The pale turquoise makes the overall appearance softer and more feminine.

Women's Coats 2015 (16)

Keep the silhouette strict if you want to make a real professional look.

Women's Coats 2015 (17)

Extra fit and flare coat is another trendy outer garment which definitely will be spotted in the streets.

Women's Coats 2015 (18)

Women's Coats 2015 (19)

The more relaxed appearance you have, the more eye-catchy you look.

Women's Coats 2015 (20)

There is a vibrant retro touch in this look.

Women's Coats 2015 (21)

How about double-breasted peacoat in dark navy.

Women's Coats 2015 (22)

Women's Coats 2015 (23)

Women's Coats 2015 (24)

Those of you who are creative persons and want something fresh, bright and statement will definitely fall in love with this interesting and modern design.

Women's Coats 2015 (25)

That's a fantastic and celebrity worth piece, which for sure will make everyone to stare on it.

Women's Coats 2015 (26)

Women's Coats 2015 (27)

Women's Coats 2015 (28)

Women's Coats 2015 (29)

Women's Coats 2015 (30)

How about girlish and pink version for a sweet update.

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