What Women’s Down Coats Are In Style

In today's compilation we want to bring you great variety of women's down coats for the next season. We have selected the best designs from various shows and lookbooks, so that you can see and select your favorite one. We know, many brands and designers offer wide range of choices, yet we did a research and now you have chance to see what styles and trends are in fashion next year. Before starting our trip into the world of elegant, street style, urban and evening appropriate designs, we have to warn you about the different climate that you can expect in various regions and countries, so keep attention to the thickness of each outerwear. For instance, those who live in the south will probably choose a lighter version. As you can see from the images below, there are great materials for the next season.

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (1)

Here we see a pretty long, below-the-knee look, which features front zip and fur. That's an ideal design for evening and special formal events.

How about more casual version, then a previous design. This time we see A-line over-the-knee piece which features fur cuffs:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (2)

We love quilt-checks in this design. Most of all we like the overall appearance, which is quite casual and features a skinny belt on the waist and the same fur cuffs:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (3)

Here we see a girlish fit-and-flare update with front zip and and skinny belt on the waist:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (4)

How about your little princess? You can always mix and match the clothes. Here we see fashion model wearing neon lemon-yellow piece and a little girl who is dressed in the same bright and neon style, but in a purple color:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (5)

How about the outerwear which features wide sleeves, like the one below:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (6)

How about rich touches, as we see this beautiful cinched at this version which comes in jacquard print:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (7)

Keep the outer garment save and choose the one, which makes you look individual:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (8)

You can always update your look with a nice fur headwear:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (9)

Another way how you can underline your creativity and individuality is to try on mannish looks, like this one, which features a elongated bomber, exaggerated sweater, pleated pants and heeled loafers:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (10)

The best thing about these outer-garments, then it's you can wear them during windy days, winter days, raining days, etc.:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (11)

If you want something sophisticated, then we advice you to try mixing the fabrics, like wool with down fabric material:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (12)

Any girl or woman can wear this outer garment. Let's have a look at this navy style with quilted details near the shoulders:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (13)

If you want something simple, yet still wondering what really fits you, then we advice you to go mininmal, yet update it with a belt:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (14)

That's a perfect denim plus down coat combination, as it looks original and never seen before:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (15)

That's another casual update, but, as you can see some girls and women love wearing biker chic style (that's a perfect look, as we see a cool fur and leggings):

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (16)

How about leather patches and functional water-resistant materials:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (17)

Here we see a collarless coat styled with a nice fedora, striped jumper, fitted sweatpants and burgundy booties:

Women’s Down Coats 2015 (18)

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