Which Coat Trend Should You Try This Spring-Summer

What every woman needs for the streets? The statement cover-up! Today we are going to observe which coat trends you should try this spring-summer season to look statement, fabulous and voguish. For some of you spring season might sound ridiculous for wearing a coat, but we live on different continents where climate is either cold, moderately warm or sultry. The following compilation is appropriate for those countries where temperature is about 68 to 77 degrees during the daytime. Of course, cosiness plays one of the major factors, but we tried to collect those pieces that express your style personality. As you can see, the upcoming warm season is flooded with a wide range of trendy outerwear pieces, starting from long to shortened lengths, shawl necks, shimmering and patent styles to denim offerings. We are really excited by all those creative experimentations, bold colors and fits to choose from. Get inspired now:

2015 Long and Maxi Coats For Women (1)

Here we see Galetsky label's creation in black color. The length is almost reaches the knees. Model appears on the runway looking like an urban chic of the 1990's. We love those white sneakers and cool baseball cap.

Long and Maxi lengths for women.
These are special updates that come in long and maxi lengths. We love the graceful look of these cover-ups. Each piece is ideal for wearing atop office attire and party appropriate apparel.

2015 Long and Maxi Coats For Women (2)

The brand SEA offers a light cream version what can be worn atop black separates (seen in the image).

2015 Long and Maxi Coats For Women (3)

The same brand offers a rich blue piece what is great for wearing with colorful dresses. Just imagine yourself walking down the street in such a beautiful outerwear.

2015 Long and Maxi Coats For Women (4)

Slava Zaitsev brings a long, retro inspired tweed option, what is appropriate for wearing in the evenings and special events.

2015 Long and Maxi Coats For Women (5)

Yegor Zaitsev offers a pinstripe mannish option what is great for teaming with office appropriate garments.

Denim fabric styles.
Wearing a denim cover-up you will automatically become an urban chic. This fabric will never go out of fashion, so you don't have to worry about its topicality. What is your favorite one? Please comment.

Denim Coats For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

Marc Cain delivers a stunning, belted look, what is appropriate for street wear. Update this model with rounded, mirrored sunglasses and white sport style dress.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 - Official Coverage - Best Of Runway Day 1

We see biker theme in this look. The model walks down the runway wearing a long belted outerwear what looks awesome teamed with biker jeans and strappy heels.

Denim Coats For Spring-Summer 2015 (3)

Keep it simple and casual. The brand WORLD delivers a perfect layer for your summer days. Here we see a wrap style what is worn atop a striped (black and white) ensemble and cool sneakers:

Denim Coats For Spring-Summer 2015 (4)

Glossy, shimmering and patent designs.
If you want to amaze everyone around you, then we suggest to try one of the following glossy, shimmering models what come in bronze gold, silvery, translucent and glittery looks.

Glossy, Shimmering and Patent Coats 2015 (1)

Brand Galetsky offers a golden bronze, glossy coat what is great for teaming with urban accessories, like sneakers and stylish beanie.

Glossy, Shimmering and Patent Coats 2015

Juan Vidal offers a shimmery silver sequined look what can be dressed at special events.

Glossy, Shimmering and Patent Coats 2015 (3)

Markus Lupfer brings two versions in bright patent vinyl. Both looks have kind of biker update:

Glossy, Shimmering and Patent Coats 2015 (4)

Glossy, Shimmering and Patent Coats 2015 (5)

Slava Zaitsev brings a formal shimmering design which can be worn atop evening appropriate separates or a dress.

Mannish versions.
The mannish touch gives you an extra sophistication, that's why we really recommend you to have a closer look at the following designs that will surely make you noticed.

mannish coats 2015 (1)

This one is from MESHIT. It has a uniform inspired look. We love the patch pockets that make this navy colored design look a bit military inspired.

mannish coats 2015 (2)

Trademark offers the same tailored fit what comes with patch pockets and military touch.

One-tow sleeve updates.
The one-two sleeve outerwear is quite practical, as your moves are more freely. If you feel that it's too cold, then you can try on long gloves teamed with your cozy cover-up.

one two sleeve coat

Rachel Comey delivers a relaxed, casual look what is great for everyday wearing.

Shawl neck designs.
The shawl neck version is ideal for those women and ladies who want to show off their grace.

shawl neck coats 2015 (1)

Marc Cain offers a business lady appropriate version that includes a belt, which underlines wearers waistline. It can be worn top business suits or cocktail dresses.

shawl neck coats 2015 (2)

Max Jenny delivers a rainbow plaid look what is ideal for creative parties.

shawl neck coats 2015 (3)

Shortened cover-ups.
The shortened ones are made for those who want to show off their beautiful legs. These designs are also great for late autumn wear. These styles look great with high boots.

women's shortened coats 2015 (1)

Here we see two creations made by SEA. The first one comes in rich blue and the other one is colored in cream white:

women's shortened coats 2015 (2)

women's shortened coats 2015 (3)

Trademark offers a tailored plaid design that can be worn with the showcased pleated navy trousers or pencil black skirts.

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