Winter Coats Which Will Keep You Cosy In The Cold

Well, it's almost winter outside, right? If not, then you always have time to take a look at your dream coat for this cold and chilly time of the year. We'd like to share with you this season's must have coats which will look not only perfect on you but will safe warmth. There are so many different styles to choose from, that our eyes simply get lost in such wide variety of gorgeous coats. Let us give you this year's best clues of which styles of coats to choose this season. First of all, make it wild and choose the animal print coats, like leopard print, fabulous faux fur coats that will keep you warm and make you look great than never before. If yo want this kind of style for yourself, then style it with your best skinny jeans or little black dress for maximum glamor. The leopard print is already classic print, so you don't have to worry about its eye-catching appearance.


animal print coats (1)

Givenchy Pre Fall 2012 Presentation Milk Studios New York, NY January 6, 2012

animal print coats (3)

Go for duffle coat, which is this season's voguish piece, which will layer you and make you look chic and fabulous. There are beautiful beige color duffle coats, classic brown, grey and cool black color designs. Some girls and women like bobble resistant wool-blend duffle coats, why don't you try one for yourself.

duffle coats (1)

duffle coats (2)

duffle coats (3)

As we already mentioned grey color, then it's time to say that this is the new color trend of the cold season, which looks amazing on feather padded jackets, which will safe warmth and give you modern and luxe appearance. If you want something for the city wear, then go for fitted, black high neck city coats, that are perfect for formal occasions and make you look classy. This season is all about city coats with belted waists and silver fastenings.

grey coats for women (1)

grey coats for women (2)

grey coats for women (3)

If you want something edgy and cool, then the best choise would be to get that biker look. We love those longline biker jackets which look sophisticated, stylish and if it's made of leather then believe us, you will be in safe during minus temperature. Go edgy biker, styling this coat with skinny pants and cool boots.

Biker Coats (1)

Biker Coats (2)

Biker Coats (3)

If you still wondering which style of coat to wear, then choose cape like coats. Ok, nay be they do not look like a jacket or coat, but they are considered to be a cool outerwear, which makes you look elegant and Christmas like. We love the ones with hoods, looks like red riding hood, right?

cape like coats

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