Women’s Braided Hairstyles Trends (Pictures)

How about wearing something trendy, popular and versatile? In today's compilation we want to show you pictures of women's braided hairstyle trends for this season. You are about to see French, Dutch, English styles, crown braided looks, quite messy and loose fit updates with braided ponytails, as well as creative updates which are popular amongst students and office workers. Some of these styles are worn very close to the head. If you want a messy look, then it's quite easy to do, but you should use some hair spray, in order to keep the same look for a long period of time. Some women like micro braided hairstyles (it requires an assistance of a professional hairdresser) which are very common among African-American, Mexican and Jamaica women.

Keep it semi-casual and wear at work or meetings.

Update your look with statement jewelry like bold earrings.

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