Women’s Fashion Tips: How to Style Sweatpants

Sometimes it’s kind hard to style sweatpants, as the only look which comes in every’s girl mind is: sweatpants teamed with sweater, windbreaker and cool cap. Well, it’s not a bad style, yet Wardrobe Looks will share with you some other quite interesting and eye-catching styles, which will attract everyone’s attention nearby you.

Before we start our compilation we would like to underline that sweatpants are casual wear pants, so it’s not recommended to wear them at work or evening events. The first look is Jessica Alba wearing baggy sweatpants with loose white vest top, big scarf and sunglasses, quite edgy and urban.


Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba

Second style tip is Sienna Miller wearing sweatpants with flannel plaid shirt and cool satchel.

Sienna Miller wearing sweatpants

Rihanna was rocking in gray sweatpants, black sweatshirt and leather jacket, looks quite eye-catchy and those sunglasses look really cool.


If you want to look real sportstyle, then look at Jessica Biel who appeared in black sweatpants, black sweater, blue leather purse, black ballerina flats and classy sunglasses.

Jessica Biel

Have a look at Alessandra Ambrosio who appeared in white hoodie grey sweat pants black jogging shoes, quite sporty.

Alessandra Ambrosio

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