Women’s Hairstyles: Bands + Braids

Following all the runway show trends we decided to share with all of you this season popular hairstyles that will make you stand out the crowd and make you look individual and trendy. Today we want to give you a fresh look into hair bands and braids. This mix looks retro, cute and girlish. Thanks to Valentino fashion show, we had chance to see this fairy tale look, as real, as inner Alice and Wonderland. That's a simple style, which features a thick, ribbon headband teamed with a stylish side braid, that underlines wearer's timeless beauty. You can either make a French braid, either a side ponytail and wrap around your head a beautiful band, which will give you an extra glamor and boho chic appearance.

Women's Hairstyles 2014 (1)

This favorite appearance can be easily recreated at home. This original hairdo will for sure hit the streets during the warm season, as well as cold months.

Women's Hairstyles 2014 (1)

Women's Hairstyles 2014 (2)

Women's Hairstyles 2014 (3)

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