Women’s Jackets Perfect for Work

Today's topic is women's jackets that are perfect for work, that's why we advice you to take a deep breath and see some of the coolest designs that are timeless and stylish at the same time, just imagine yourself in one of these beautiful jackets, we already see the brightness in your eyes, that's why sit back and enjoy these images. When we think of work appropriate clothing, we imagine fitted pencil skirt-suit or a basic navy blazer that is ideal for working hours, but we do not think that most of you go home afterwards, instead of relaxing at home we go at clubs, bars or cocktail parties, that's why we need to be dressed in something that gives us not only an office look, but a nice party appropriate outfit. That's why we offer you these adorable images of interesting designs that look both professional and spice up your work wardrobe.

Moto Tweed Jacket

Let's start our trip from the casual moto tweed ones, that are not only creative but office and work appropriate. Believe us, no one will say that you are dressed casually, as these cool outerwear pieces look edgy, while keeping the formal style. Some of the moto tweed ones feature leather trims, so that these details give a trendy touch to the wearer, whilst some of the designs come with asymmetrical zippers, which give the jackets kind of biker touch, believe us, any woman looks classy and sophisticated wearing these gorgeous designs. The other designs, which can also make you look more casual, but keeping that business appropriate appearance is the ruffle collar design. This one is both stylish and conservative, that's why we want to give it a great attention, as the ruffled collar adds something individual and special, that's why wearing this piece, means that you are a business person, but thanks to the collar, you may give a slight hint, that you are a festive woman.


Moto Tweed Jackets



white peplum jacket

white peplum jackets



tipped jackets

If you want something fashionable, then try on peplum outerwear, as each of the presented designs is fancy, cool, statement and practical, as you can wear it for client meetings, you can style it with pencil skirt and bright blouse, or you can look fabulous by teaming it with tailored trousers and white shirt for a preppy look. We advice you to try velvet peplum designs, as they will make your persona more professional. Another example is a ruffled ponte jacket, which is quite bright design and it goes perfect for casual office work days. Look at the ruffled collar, it gives a bright appearance. So, wearing this piece means that you do not need anything else, as you can simply try a basic outfit with no accessories, as the ruffles will make you stand out the crowd. Here is a tipped design, which is a stylish and classic piece. Lots of women use it as a cocktail party layer, but you can always use it as a classic work outerwear. We love the white piping, it gives a visual interest and we think it's a very nautical inspired piece.

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