Women’s Pointed-Toe Flats

Today's topic is women's pointed-toe flats that are still on-trend, stylish and fashionable. Thanks to these shoes there will be no additional need of adding a splash of retro glam to your outfit, just pull off them and you are ready for glamorizing the city streets. There is always a chance to add more dramatic and edgy look, by choosing sharply pointed toes.

The flats with such toes will be a great option for shorter women who do not want to wear heels. As you have already noticed, there is a great variety of flats, that are not only comfortable and easy to wear, but also great looking.

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You can easily wear cute weekend pair of slip-ons, of feminine and delicate pair of woven ballet flats with pointed-toe, eye-catching slingback flats or go vintage by sporting timeless oxford flats. Our favorites so far are loafer flats with pointed toes that are great for work. They make your look more preppy and boyish.

If we speak about different designs and cuts, then the shoes with cutout sides are perfect in warmer weather. Our favorites are cool leather brogues that have kind of Gatsby-era glamor. Another design has a hybrid look that look like sandals and feature open sides and adjustable ankle straps ensure a comfortable and cool fit.

There is a great collection of suede low heel flats that are real spotlight of any event. While the denim styles are great for when you are on the go. Or you can choose sneaker flats that feature vivid prints and rubber sole that are stylish for day and night wear, as well as for summer walks in the city.

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