Women’s Wide Leg Trousers For Spring Inspiration Ideas

Let's talk about next spring season's inspiration ideas which can help you to complete your look, which features wide leg trousers. What we love about them, well, they are relaxed, easy to wear, cool and make that special first impression. This impression is very important, but you have to balance your look and keep your silhouette sophisticated, yet prêt-à-porter. We have studied numerous resort lookbooks and today we want to define ideal wardrobe staples which looks stylish and ready to wear. Here are shown office worth styles, extra wide, somewhere even baggy, but one thing unites them all and it's comfort, you will have to agree on that. Give them a chance this time and choose the ones which are slouchy, sophisticated, loose-fit, etc. Make them flatter your silhouette. We really hope this compilation will help you to choose the right clothes for your next year.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (1)

How about a loose-fit striped top with wide sleeves which is paired with statement loose wide-legs.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (2)

Another way how you can upgrade your look is to try on relaxed, asymmetric tee paired with the same white loose trousers.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (3)

Another way is to try bright colors, like we see a salmon red top tucked in high-waisted, pleated slouchy pants styled with a light violet blazer.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (4)

There is kind of mannish touch in this look, which consists of a loose-fit, elongated shirt styled with 1970's like pants.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (5)

How about grunge update, which features cool kind of biker-inspired front zip jacket and statement black culottes. We love these strappy chunky sandals in mirrored silver color.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (6)

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (7)

This outfit has classic retro touches, which are seen in a fitted turtleneck paired with navy sailor cuffed pants.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (8)

We call it boho-biker girl: a purple jacket is styled awesome wedge trousers.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (9)

Make your outfit look tailored and slim-fit, by wearing 1970's vixen elegant essentials.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (10)

How about high-waisted tailored wide pants which can be styled with paisley print shirt.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (11)

Make a real statement by wearing white blazer, denim button-down tucked in floral loose-fit maxi trousers.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (12)

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (13)

Floor length sporty touches are next year's must-haves for wide-leg silhouettes. We advice you to go for strong athletic vibes next spring.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (14)

Urban chic trend will never go out of style, that's why we advice you to add some statement accessories.

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (15)

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (16)

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (17)

Keep your outfit look sporty, by wearing comfortable separates:

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (18)

You can always try on boot cut which look vintage, but can be updated with a statement striped pullover or sweatshirt. That's an ideal look for casual parties, walkings down the street:

Wide Leg Trousers 2015 (19)

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